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Dear friends
XGODY is a well-known brand on ebay site since 2009. XGODY GPS is a hot-selling product and it is popular with most consumers. You may found,there are many other sellers selling the item which looks totally same,and selling it in quite a low price, even the apprearance and model are the same as ours. Majority of seller are using chip screen and sowtware in low-quality. So the stability of their product is not very good and the quality is not guaranteed. Please take care about the real storage capacity of their products.
XGODY SAT NAV is a professional GPS brand. Our GPS is sold all over the world. You can update the map data for free lifetime,but other sellers who mimic our products may not be able to provide this service.

Supports 7 vehicle type: Car, Truck, Pedestrian, Bicycle, Ambulance, Bus, Taxi. It meets your different needs
Special function for truck:After setting your truck’ profile,it will customize personalized navigation route according to the height length and weight of the truck,intelligently avoid the risk routes which may have route limit ,speed limit,height limit,width limit,weight limit etc.
Come with sun shade visor, super function block the sun, Used to block the sun during the day, preventing reflection from windscreen during the night. It can help us clearly see the screen.
User-friendly Interface Design
Pre-download maps of 23 countries.Free Lifetime 2D 3D Map Updates,this is brilliant value of money.
Real Voice Navigation:You do not have to stare at the screen all the time.
Smart Route Settings:Fast Short Economical Easy. You always know your fastest route, Selection of road types :Unpaved Roads,Ferries, Toll Roads ,Charge Roads,Highways
Conveniently search through Addresses, Places,on Maps or Postcoad.
Lane navigation,let you know which lane to go when encountering multi-lanes
Custom quick search,it is easy to use.
2D3D view map display:According to your favorite.
Speedcam / landmarks / building / place markers likes gas station on the map
By POI you can find Gas stations, restaurants, railway stations, airports & hotels around you.
It supports multi media functions.you can enjoy the movie MP3 when you drive tired and want to have a rest.
Maximum support 32GB SD card, expand the capacity of GPS to store MP3 and video.
FM transmitter (76.0MHz -108MHz) Transfer the GPS sound to Car,not FM Radio
8GB ROM:Compared to 4GB, XGODY GPS has more memory space, can install more maps, it runs faster.

GPS Module : High Sensitive GPS Receiver
Memory Size : 128MB RAM – 8GB Internal Memory
Display Screen :5 inch touch screen,Resolution 480*272
SD Slot : Micro SD socket, MAX Micro SD card up to 32GB
Bluetooth&AV-IN : NO
Battery : Built–in Li-ion Rechargeable 1500mAh
Working Time :About 1 hour
Charging Time : 2-3 hours,Sometimes can only charge to 99%
Car Charger : 12-36V/2A
Unit size : 127mm x83mm x12mm
Support video format : ASF AVI WMV 3GP MP4 RMVB

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